Scuba diving

scuba diving Okinawa Japan
Scuba diving in Okinawa is one of the main activities next to sunbathing on the islands. This is not as surprising since the water is crystal clear and the marine life is unmatched elsewhere in Japan or the East China Sea. We made a list of the top scuba diving spots in Okinawa and hope you will enjoy it. Don’t like scuba diving? Many places can be visited by snorkel gear and you will have just as much fun.

Okinawa Island diving

On Okinawa Island there are multiple spots to dive we listed the top 3 spots on the island. Nevertheless, we think it is important for you to know where you should dive considering the marine life migrations. This way you will be able to see the wonders of the sea. From November to March you can find Eagle rays, mating sea slugs and cuttlefish spawning. From April to October you can monitor cuttlefish caring, coral spawning and sea turtles spawning. Keep this in mind when you are visiting Okinawa for the scuba diving experience.

Gorilla Chip diving

Gorilla Chip is located on the northern part of Okinawa Island. It is named after a rock that looks like a Gorilla giving a Karate chop in the air. This is probably one of the easiest sites to begin with diving. Additionally, you can snorkel here because the reef is only 5-15 meter under Sea Level. The sand is white and the water is clear. There is almost no current even not with strong winds that might deliver currents in other parts of the island. Spotting fish isn’t hard since it is a nursery for young fish that can’t fight the stronger currents of the open Sea.

Cape Maeda diving

Cape Maeda is probably the best diving spot of Okinawa Island. This is because the place is easy to dive, you don’t need any experience and the shallow water is perfect for beginners. Although, if you are more experienced you can dive up to 40 meters down! The coral reef is the home of big schools of fish and now and then you can encounter a sea turtle or Napoleon fish.

Wreck diving in Okinawa

The battle of Okinawa left a great variety of World War II artifacts behind in the Sea surrounding Okinawa. These artifacts are hidden for the eye and occasionally some divers or explorers find something amazing. In 2001 local divers found the huge USS Emmons, which is a warship that sunk in 1945. This ship was hidden for almost 70 years and now offers one of the most amazing wreck diving spots in the world. The USS Emmons sunk with its battle gear still in place and ready to fire as it did until the last moment it saw the sunlight. The ship isn’t easy to reach for divers since you can experience strong currents and it lies at a dept of 50 meters. Many scuba diving schools offer dive trips to the boat but you have to be experienced and well equipped to experience the full wreck diving experience.